Live streming af event

Live streaming of events

With live streaming your business or institution can arrange a session or event in the organization, without everyone having to be present. Moreover, we can record the session in order for those who are unable to attend to see the recording at some other time. Furthermore, there is an opportunity to replay the recording. We also conduct professional live streaming of events, conferences, business updates, town hall meetings and education.

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At Viducon, we have many years of experience in live streaming of events as well as the technical setup. We can also record your live session, if you want to be granted access to the event subsequently. Furthermore, we have experience with different video solutions, so we can adjust it to your needs. It may be the case that you are already using Teams and Zoom, but if you wish to do so, we can also offer live recording with a solution like Panopto. We make sure to conduct a professional live streaming of the event – regardless of the number of participants and size of the event.

Live streaming using Teams, Zoom or Panopto

We use the solution you already have, when live streaming events, conferences, and lectures. Zoom and Teams are web conference tools, which may also be applied. It can be set up with one or multiple cameras according to your needs. 

Live streaming with Panopto

If you already have Panopto in the organization, we can help you live stream at a high quality for a big audience with a minimum of waiting time. Panopto’s live streaming software offers a single solution built as a modern streaming architecture. Panopto delivers high video quality for the audience, who can watch from any device they prefer.  At the same time, Panopto records the entire live stream, and it gives you a flawless recording that can later be viewed on-demand. This allows you to send the recording afterwards to those who were prevented from participating. With Panopto you are sure to broadcast with a secure solution, and you control who watches your live streams via “log in”.

Live streaming med Panopto.