Lecture capture - optag undervisninge

Lecture capture - recording of lectures

By filming the lecture it is possible for educational institutions to solve a series of challenges – as well as optimizing the lecture. Recordings of education can increase the students’ engagement and presentations by allowing them to control the pace of the lecture and replay complex topics.  

Record the lecture yourself

If you are looking for a setup, in which you are in charge of the recording of the lecture, this is highly possible using a video solution like Panopto. In that case, we can help you find the AV solution, which matches your circumstances.

Lecture capture
Lecture capture

Lecture halls

Lecture capture or recording of lectures can profitably be applied in lecture rooms. At Viducon, we can advise you, so that you find the best solution for recording lectures in lecture halls and big classrooms. We can help you install cameras and microphones in your lecture halls, which equips you to manage every recording of a lecture of class.


It can be a benefit for you to record classes. Thereby, you provide students, who were unable to attend, the opportunity to watch the class and follow the course. Moreover, students can replay the class during the exam period and thereby get to repeat complex topics. Lecture capture is a part of an e-learning concept, in which the education is recorded and applied either as distance or hybrid teaching. 

We can advise you on the recording of lectures in classrooms. Moreover, we offer both to manage single recordings, but can also help you in terms of an AV installation. At the same time, we have the opportunity to guide you regarding the use of intelligent equipment for educational purposes including Swivl. 

Lecture capture af klasseundervisning


Panopto is a video platform, which seeks to help organize lecture captures. However, Panopto is much more than a VCMS solution. Using Panopto, the educator can through a single click be in charge of the recording of a class. 

The students can watch or replay the classes they have missed. In addition, they can search across the entire video library by using speech and text recognition (automatic speech recognition and optical character recognition). They also get to see everything in one view – lecturer, PowerPoints, the blackboard and other video input.