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Viducon advises organizations on digital solutions for education and employee training purposes including the application of educational videos. In collaboration with international partners, we sell a series of SaaS solutions with educational videos and training purposes in mind including:

Video platform for recording, distribution and hosting of videos for education and training (VCMS) – read more

LMS platform – flexible and robust learning platform – read more

Platform with an interactive video overlay – read more

Recording and live streaming of events

Our professional camera team offers assistance for recording of educational videos, live streaming and recording of lectures, seminars, conferences and events. Think of us as your video agency, which you can contact, if you need assistance or advice on anything within the field of video solutions.

  • See prices for recording and live streaming here.

Video platform ▶

Get more information on which video platform you should choose for educational videos regarding training and onboarding purposes.

Services ▶

See our services including assistance for recording of events, live streaming and online conferences.

Interactive video ▶

Get to know more about how an interactive video overlay solution can help you create engaging videos and improve learning.

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”The collaboration with Viducon works exemplary. We have always been highly satisfies with the service, we have received. There is always a full support and if we have had problems, they have always been there to help us. Viducon is a full service company, and we also experience it as such.”

Mogens Heine Larsen
Section Manager, Rockwool

ROCKWOOL case study (in Danish) download

Viducon video records at the Financial Services Union in Denmark which can be used for educational videos

Recording of an event or conference?

Viducon consists of a team of experts in video professionals capable of recording your next event. Do you want to arrange an online event? Or as a hybrid event in which some participate online, while others are physically present? We have video solutions and are like a video agency, experts in recording and live streaming of events of all sizes including seminars, conferences and lectures.

We provide sound, image and technical set-up of equipment and are also offering extra services such as subtitles.

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At Viducon, we know that educational videos streamline the organizations

At Viducon, we are of the clear belief that video will make up an increasingly large role in any work-related communication and in educational situations. Video as a communication form is highly efficient and more illustrative than a text. As a media, video gains ground in businesses as well as in educational institutions.

Did you know that it is 75% more likely that an employee sees a video in contrast to reading a document or an e-mail? Studies have shown how video increases the human ability to remember concepts and details, if you add video.

Video is applied everyday in anything from lecture capture, flipped classroom, tasks for employee courses, knowledge sharing, onboarding as well as documentation of for instance certifications and procedures. We will happily tell you more about all of the opportunities.

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Educational videos
Educational videos

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In our eShop we sell products applicable for video based training and education. We only sell verified products, as it is highly important to us, that our customers are only buying the best equipment. Our intelligent solutions and camera robots include amongst others the brands Panasonic, iSmart, Pixem, Pixio, Swivl and MXL. See more about intelligent equipment or visit our eShop.




A professional video agency with many years of experience in conducting recordings and live streaming of events, seminars and conferences. We work with educational institutions and commercial businesses.


Employees and educators can easily make screen and video recordings with Panopto, edit and distribute content. The platform makes it easy to search content, index and share knowledge.

Video solutions

Viducon supplies educational videos and intelligent robot solutions for educational institutions and businesses. Solutions that make it easier to record, organize and share knowledge in organizations.


With Hihaho you can add interactive opportunities to all types of videos and make them interactive. It is about time that you make your videos clickable! Integrate with Panopto, Vimeo, Qumu, Mediasite and more.

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