Swivl - ideal for digital learning

Make digital learning and teaching easier with Swivl! Use the Swivl Robot CX Series as a robotic camera for teaching and get a variety of tools to record video and audio of learning situations. With this robot you have the opportunity to create a dynamic, interactive online and hybrid teaching.

Swivl robot

This tool is a great help for digital learning when teaching and moving around a classroom. The Swivl robot is used as a camera for recording instruction, and it follows each of your movements. This makes teaching more lively for the pupils and the students. Swivl is not just a camera robot, but works as a user-friendly recording studio. In all packages there is a robot, as well as a small marker that tracks your movements. The cursor also acts as a wireless microphone. Combined with the Swivl platform, it’s incredibly easy to produce video for online use.

Digital læring med Swivl

Your robot camera for teaching

Swivl helps increase digital learning in the following user scenarios:

  • Interactive and hybrid teaching: Live stream and record the teaching and share with students who can not be present.
  • Interactive online presentations.
  • Observations: Live streaming of video and audio for observations.
  • Coaching: Coaches can come directly “in the ear” to give feedback while you train, and can thereby correct you along the way. Use your own favorite streaming app such as Zoom.

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Swivl functionalities

  • Cloud upload: All videos are automatically uploaded to your Swivl cloud account, from where they can be easily viewed and shared. Swivl can optimize digital learning of both lecture capture and hybrid learning because the robot is easy to use and can be adapted to different types of teaching. It also makes it easier for students if they are prevented from attending class as they can easily keep up online.
  • Swivl works with your iPhone, Android, iPad or your camera.
  • With the included cursor on a keychain, the camera follows you – so you are always in the picture. The cursor also acts as a high quality microphone. You can walk up to 10 meters away and still be heard through your device.
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 Swivl gives you everything you need, making it the perfect equipment for recording lessons.

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