Complete AV Automation

Seervision creates IP-based audiovisual automation software that seamlessly integrates into your AV ecosystem. Their flexible solution allows you to fully automate multi-camera productions for lecture capturing and hybrid video conferencing.

AV scene understanding

Seervision enables fully automated, networked multi-camera workflows. With their leading camera tracking performance, any installation is ready for the hybrid age.

Hybrid meeting rooms

Fully automatic multi-camera solution for hybrid meetings and boardrooms that dynamically adapts to changing seating and room layouts.

Business education

Use cameras that independently point to the active speaker and get all questions and answers from your training sessions.

In-house studies

Automatic reframing, shifting and high-quality camera movements that allow staff to focus on other tasks.

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    Lecture capturing

    Leverage the most robust autotracking software on the AV market to automate lecture capturing and HyFlex videoconferencing in the classroom.


    Automate a large part of your keynotes, live events and ceremonies and reduce the workload of your staff.

    Campus Studios

    Empower your educators to focus on their students by building fully autonomous studios that require no interaction.

    RD 1003 - An autonomous camera robot for live productions

    With the camera robot RD 1003, you can make your live productions easier. Once you’ve framed your subject, you can select a predefined camera style. The RD 1003 then automatically adjusts tracking zones. This is especially useful for staged events or interview situations where space is limited.

    The personal recognition is built on state-of-the-art neutral networks and ensures that each robot is robust to the emergence of more people. This means that RD 1003 always keeps track of the protagonist. Optimization techniques and predictive algorithms are used to produce smooth continuous tracking for a variety of situations varying from conferences to sporting events.

    Each system consists of a remote control head, three lens motors and a powerful processor unit in a 2u rack.

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    RD 1003 specifications