Pixem/Pixio – camera robots

Pixio and Pixem are camera robots that can be used to film both indoors and outdoors. The two robots can be used to advantage for high-intensity activities. Both models can zoom in and out with incredible precision. Via a tracking watch, the robot follows the object in motion, so this is always in focus.

Teaching greater distances in moving objects, such as athletes, becomes a breeze! For example, use Pixem in combination with microphones like CeeCoach. Then you can receive training in Denmark, even if your coach is sitting in front of his computer in Belgium!


Pixem is a camera robot that follows moving objects both indoors and outdoors with a range of up to 100 meters. Pixem is used with your smartphone and tablet and is easy to set up. The robot tracks the included watch mounted on the moving person or object and zooms in and out with precision. Pixem is easy to set up, and can be recommended for eg live streaming and online teaching. The coach can teach a student even if they are not physically in the same location. You can also record videos with Pixem, which acts as your personal cameraman. See more about the product here.


Pixio is a camera robot on which you mount a video camera (max 2 kg). The robot automatically follows the subject as it tracks an accompanying clock and with great precision zooms in and out, so that the object is always in focus. Pixio is typically used for automatic shooting of moving objects. Start and stop recording can be operated on the watch, so you do not have to return to the robot to start and stop recording. See more about the product here.

Setting up and using Pixem

In this video you can see how some of our customers work with Pixem and product setup. These customers work with teaching and training within a sport with high intensity and movement at high speed, which is why Pixem in combination with CeeCoach microphones is ideal for this particular sport. The discipline is called Working Equitation consists of both dressage, overcoming obstacles on time, but also traditional work tasks on horseback so working with cattle.