Viducon is supplier of one of the world’s leading video platforms, Panopto. With Panopto, employees in your organisation can easily make screen and video recordings, edit and distribute. Furthermore Panopto supports teaching, with a wide range of attributes and integration-possibilities that are developed with focus on usability. see more. Read more.


Education Institutes and companies are increasingly using videos for communicating all sorts of information to their employees. We help companies find solutions that enable effective knowledge sharing, increased employee productivity and simplified training courses for the newly hired.  Read more.

Video Services

Videos and the way they are presented and distributed is a key component in a good e-teaching strategy. We help companies with recording event videos, presentations and product videos, on boarding and streaming, as well as training videos and company videos. Read more.

Panopto er en all-in-one videoplatform som gør det muligt for dig at lave skærm- og videooptagelser, streame live over internettet og administrere et centralt videobibliotek i din organisation.

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