Blended learning and flipped classroom

Educational institutions all over the world are discovering the benefits of ”flipping the classroom”. Flipped classroom is part of the ‘blended learning‘ movement. Blended learning is nothing new in itself – the idea behind it is not much different than that the students must read an article before the lecture. But the development in IT the last decade has resulted in sophisticated ways to develop and execute blended learning courses. A flipped classroom course can, as an example, involve the teacher producing a video to the students prior to the actual lecture. That the students in that way can prepare for the tuition means that you can focus on informed discussion and dialogue in the classroom. Several universities which have taken this way of teaching in use recounts increased commitment from the students, better attendance and higher level of performance.

As an example, you can flip the classroom by going through the basic material for a given course (it can be models, processes, procedures, etc.) in video format. Accordingly, in this way, the teacher can meet the students at their level of comprehension of the material.

Despite the development, it is often time consuming for the teacher to produce flipped classroom videos. Therefore we are glad to be able to offer a platform which is easy for teachers to use, has minimal effect on the daily tuition and has several functions which can make the video more than ”just a video”.

Digital note taking, embedding of quizzes and fully indexed Powerpoint presentations make our solution a powerful tool for teachers as well as students. Contact us to hear more about how teachers can use our solution for their flipped classroom courses.


panopto understøtter blended learning og flipped classroom