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Viducon ApS was established to help and support organizations with the integration of online video in the tuition and sharing of knowledge. With over 14 years of experience in the educational sector, we got together to establish Viducon with the purpose of sharing our experiences and to help organizations take advantage of the full potential of online video. Both founders had part in the Video Podcasting initiative at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in 2010. That initiative has shown to be a huge success and has been an integrated part of many studies, while it still experiences powerful growth. Since 2010 they have experimented with many different systems (all with ups and downsides) until we in 2013 – after having gone through and evaluated a number of alternatives – found Panopto. With the implementation of Panopto it became possible for CBS to leave behind many of the challenges that mass production of educational films leads to; effectiveness, scalability, flexibility and the control of video archives, and so on…

At Viducon we are confident that we with Panopto – and our experience – can help handle many of the challenges associated with the implementation of online video, and that we can help organizations take advantage of the video media’s full potential in tuition and sharing of knowledge.

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