Daily Mobile Device Use Just Passed Television — Is Your Business Video Ready?

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As more and more people find more and more ways to spend time with their smartphones and tablets — with new applications that see keep them close at hand at work, at home, and even during the commute between — mobile device use has been growing at an astronomical rate. Time on Mobile Devices Panopto Business Video Platform Daily Mobile Device Use Just Passed Television — Is Your Business Video Ready?And today, according to Business Insider, they’ve just hit a new milestone.

People now spend more time every day looking at their mobile devices than they do watching television.

And while that data is all-inclusive, counting everything from time spent with work email to time spent with Candy Crush, we’re most interested in what that means for mobile video.

Cisco notes video already represents 57% of all internet traffic today, and is on target to account for up to 90% of all traffic by 2017. And as comScore reports that mobile devices already make up 60% (and growing) of all web traffic, together the story is clear: every video hosting solution — whether it’s YouTube or your business’s internal corporate YouTube video library — needs to be mobile-ready, starting right now.

Make Mobile Business Video Easy

According to Gartner Research, 10% of business video viewership already takes place on mobile devices — and that figure will rise to 25% or more in the near future.

Yet as organizations big and small make the shift to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives, IT departments have begun facing the challenge of ensuring that internal content is ready and available across a wide range of potential devices. And while support for every piece of content should be planned, enterprise video content for mobile devices in particular requires a little extra consideration.

Mobile Video Webinar Panopto Video Platform Daily Mobile Device Use Just Passed Television — Is Your Business Video Ready?The rules of sharing and managing enterprise content like spreadsheets and slide decks don’t apply to video — especially when it comes to sharing and playing videos on mobile devices. But that doesn’t mean it’s a problem that can’t be solved. In our latest webinar, Overcoming 3 Challenges of Mobile Video —now available and ready to play on-demand — you’ll learn about common issues businesses face with mobile video storage, streaming, and file format standards, and how a VCMS can help.

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Gartner Research recommends planning for video as part of every BYOD strategy. Adding video, however, isn’t simply another box to check. Network bandwidth needs, format compatibility issues, security concerns, and reporting requirements all conspire to make video a unique challenge in the BYOD space.

The solution to those challenges? A video content management system (VCMS) can complement your existing CMS or LMS content management tools with to enable video in a Bring Your Own Device world. In our mobile video white paper, “Bring Your Own Video Ready Device: Six Reasons Why Your BYOD Strategy is Incomplete Without Video” we review six ways a VCMS can help, including:

  • Built-in transcoding for broad device compatibility
  • Native mobile apps for a better end user experience
  • Efficient network bandwidth usage via bitrate controls
  • Integrated security with your existing authentication system
  • Inside video search from mobile devices
  • Analytics and reporting to track mobile video viewing

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