Customer testimonial: Associate Professor Till Winkler, Copenhagen Business School

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Copenhagen Business School (CBS), our customer of 4 years, is using Panopto’s all-in-one video solution for lecture capture, flipped classroom, blended learning, student assignments, and much more.

Associate Professor Till Winkler from the Department of Digitalization, who was part of the panel debate at Panopto’s Annual conference in London (2017), was asked how his university uses Panopto and of their experience.

In the interview Till Winkler was asked, how Panopto is used at CBS, what are the benefits for teachers and students in using video, and how CBS students and staff reacted to the introduction of Panopto.

We at Viducon are of course always happy to hear of our customers’ positive experience with the solutions that we offer.

If interested in reading more about Till’s experience with using video, for lecture capture and blended learning, you can read the two case studies written about his work:

There is Much Potential for Video in Higher Education: It’s Worth Trying!

Student Perspectives on Blended Learning: Getting the Best out of Video and the Classroom

If you are interested in trying Panopto, the video solution used for blended learning at CBS, please, contact our team to receive a personalized demo, or sign up for a 30-day free trial.