Bringing Video to the Jive Social Intranet

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The way we communicate and share knowledge in the enterprise is undergoing significant change. Social and video technologies are transforming enterprise communication.

What was once primarily a top-down, formal initiative to push knowledge to employees has given way to social collaboration and “just-in-time” knowledge pull. This shift is driving the rise of social collaboration software like Jive, now in use in as many as 4 in 5 corporations for its ability to improve employee productivity by between 12 and 20% (

The very medium for communication and knowledge sharing is also changing. Text-based documents are being supplemented, and in some cases supplanted, by video. Gartner estimates that, by 2017, 50% of all business content will be non-textual, with video among the fastest-growing types of new enterprise content.

As organizations increasingly adopt social collaboration software like Jive to serve as the hub of their communications and turn to video as their medium for sharing more engaging, detailed information, they are finding an increased need to combine the strengths and benefits of those two technologies in order to build searchable libraries of institutional knowledge.

Panopto Brings Complete Video Support to Jive

To address this growing need, today we’re excited to announce the Panopto Video App for Jive.

The app provides businesses with unique functionality for integrating and searching video content within Jive’s social collaboration software.

Jive Embedded Video 1024x637 Bringing Video to the Jive Social Intranet

A complete Panopto video, embedded in Jive for easy sharing across a team, department, or organization

Single sign-on (SSO) – The app makes it easy to access your Panopto videos using your existing Jive credentials, regardless of whether Jive is your organization’s primary identity provider, or if it’s using Active Directory or other SAML ID providers for authentication and authorization. Through SSO, your users don’t have to remember multiple login IDs and passwords, and their access to Jive discussions, polls, blogs and other assets are automatically understood and reflected in Panopto.

Video upload with no file size limits – One of the characteristics of video files that make them unique is their size. Video files are massive. A one-minute video recorded on an iPhone 6 can range from 80 to 100 MB in size. With Jive’s maximum file size of 50 to 100 MB based on your site’s configuration, this creates a significant barrier to working with video. With the Panopto app, the file size limit for videos is no longer a concern. Because Panopto was built for managing multi-gigabyte video files and multi-terabyte video libraries, you can upload and share videos of any size without ever leaving Jive.

Video and playlist embedding – Whether you’re uploading videos from your hard drive, or accessing videos already stored in your Panopto video library, the app enables you to embed individual recordings and collections (“playlists”) of videos into any editable Jive asset. This includes discussions, blog posts, polls, events, tasks, messages, and ideas.

Jive Embedded Playlist 1024x817 Bringing Video to the Jive Social Intranet

A Panopto video playlist, embedded in Jive

Search federation – Panopto includes unique video indexing and search functionality called Smart Search. With Smart Search, every video in your Panopto library is automatically indexed for words spoken and shown anywhere in the video.  Search results then enable you to find and fast forward to precise moments in the video where spoken or displayed words occur — making video content as easy to search as documents or email. The Panopto app for Jive supports search federation of our Smart Search results. This means that Jive searches not only return results where a keyword is mentioned in documents, posts and other Jive assets, but also inside any videos that are stored in your Panopto video library.

Automatic transcodingOne of the traditional headaches of working with video is file incompatibility. Flash videos don’t play back on iOS devices. Windows Media Video (WMV) files aren’t supported by default on Android devices. Applications like GoToMeeting, WebEx, and Adobe Connect format their video recordings in formats that require specialized codecs or players to watch. The result is that your end users sometimes can’t watch the video they need to access on their device of choice. The Panopto app overcomes this challenge with built-in video transcoding. Every video uploaded to Panopto through Jive is processed through a universal converter that makes the videos viewable in optimal formats for desktops,  laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Efficient streaming – Another traditional challenge of working with video is the need to deliver large video files across the corporate WAN without bogging down the network. The Panopto app addresses this in three ways. First, Panopto supports adaptive bitrate streaming. This adjusts video playback quality based on the available bandwidth for each user, providing the best playback experience in the most efficient way possible. Second, Panopto creates several versions of every video for optimal playback on different form factors. For example, a video being watched on an iPhone 5 can play back at lower resolution (using less bandwidth) than a video being watched on a Macbook Retina. Finally, Panopto automatically integrates with existing corporate WAN caching and optimization technologies, like those provided by Riverbed.

Video analytics and editing – The Panopto app for Jive also provides access to Panopto’s full video content management system, which can either be deployed on-premises, hosted in the cloud, or provisioned to private virtual machines on Amazon Virtual Private Cloud or Microsoft Azure. The video content management system provides you with additional functionality, including video reporting (viewing behavior, most popular videos, video engagement levels, completion rates, etc) and web-basedvideo editing.

Coming Soon to the Jive App Store

The Panopto app will soon be released to It will be available at no cost to Panopto customers.

This article was originally published on Panopto’s blog