3 ways to use Panopto – Seminole State College

By 1. december 2016Nyheder

The Seminole State College in Florida has rolled the Panopto Platform out across its four campuses thus supporting almost every kind learning experience at the college.

In the Classroom – supporting flipped classroom model

The Panopto platform supports the flipped classroom model.

This means that professors can record pre-class videos and include everything from whiteboard drawings, lab experiments and traditional slides. With the analytics function, the professors can get an insight in what part of the topics mentioned and covered in the video are the most challenging for the students. This means that they have an insight to improve their own teaching methods.

Outside the classroom – supporting webcasting and debriefing

The Seminole State School of Public Safety’s Emergency Medical Services program has used Panopto to help in providing EMS education for the full-time first responders.

To make sure that every member of the crew got the same amount of training, they recorded and live-streamed a class. This meant that those who couldn’t participate in person in the class could get the same training. Those who couldn’t participate in either the live-stream or the class itself could watch the video on demand, as the recorded class was uploaded to the LMS with Panopto. Further on, the faculty now records every training and simulations. This means the students have a chance for debriefing and note their weaknesses and strengths.

On demand – supporting distant learning

As Panopto have several features to support watching videos on demand, Seminole College also facilitate the usage of Panoptos mobile apps for IOS and Android. This means the students both can participate in the courses while not on campus and use it to record presentations with the audience in view on the mobile device. Once completed, the video is uploaded by Panopto to the student’s designated folder and the instructors can use it for grading and feedback.

The Seminole State College have therefore taken advantage of many Panopto Platform features.

Want to try Panopto?

You can read the whole story about how Seminole State College use Panopto at Panoptos blog

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